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About us

We are two passionate researchers with experience in environmental science, finance, statistical analysis, software development and science communication. We use these skills to provide insight into various aspects of the climate and ecological crises, always firmly based on the facts.

Linda Knoester, MSc.:

• has a deep understanding of the climate and ecological crisis and its relationship to human systems through her studies in environmental science and sustainable development.

• has worked with a wide variety of people in different cultural settings: from financial sector clients, academics, technical modellers and designers to military representatives, refugee camp residents, activists, volunteers and outdoor enthusiasts.

• is committed to refugees and climate justice in her spare time: for example, she spent more than six months in Greece supporting refugees and coordinated a local climate action group with Aaron.

• is passionate about combining environmental science with technical models and tools to make a concrete positive impact; for example, she worked on integrating climate risk into existing financial tools and developed a new methodology to assess the impact of land use on ecosystem services.

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Dr.-Ing. Aaron Pereira:

• has a background in mechanical engineering, did a PhD in industrial robotics and also has experience in software development, artificial intelligence and aerospace robotics.

• has more than 9 years of experience planning and conducting research and statistical analysis in academia and extensive experience in science communication: his research has been published in several scientific journals and he has spoken about space technology at numerous experiment livestreams, outreach events and in articles and podcasts.

• is committed to refugees and climate justice in his spare time; for example, he started a programme offering free tutoring to young migrants and co-created the podcast Rebel Radio NL, which discussed climate science, activism, (neo)colonialism and the biodiversity crisis, among other topics. 

• is passionate about using data to highlight different aspects of the climate crisis and counter greenwashing, and is particularly interested in the intersection of climate change and migration.

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Our work

 Action-oriented research around greenwashing, climate justice and migration.

Our concrete activities include research, data analysis & visualisation, development of web apps & websites, and science communication. Additionally, we lead workshops, facilitate discussions, and coordinate projects, coalitions and decentralised research.

Background Story

Linda comes from a background in environmental sciences and worked on integrating climate risks and sustainability into financial tools. Aaron holds a PhD in robotics and was most recently working in space robotics research at the German Aerospace Centre and European Space Agency.

In 2022, we made the decision to leave our jobs to pursue meaningful work that aligns with our values. Through our work together on a variety of projects around climate action and refugee and migrant justice, we discovered that we share the same vision and work well as a team. We decided to form Solid Sustainability Research, where we employ our analytical, technical, social and creative skills in projects that we feel society needs.