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Mapping Fossil Ties

We are very grateful for the financial support from Aria for the purpose of testing and evaluating the project model we use for mapping universities’ fossil ties, from Fossielvrij NL for the purpose of building and maintaining the web portal, and from Milieudefensie for the purpose of setting up the coordination structure and supporting decentralised research and action groups.

In order to continue the project, we are looking for funding for the following activities:

  • Organise hackathons to analyse documents from freedom of information (FOI) requests
  • Research systemic influence of fossil industry in Dutch academia
  • Publish results together with journalists
  • Organise symposia and workshops at universities – to support decentralised research and communicate research results

Commissioned work

We are available to support journalists, freelancers, universities, NGOs and other organisations with research and communication, for example:

  • research and data analysis
  • data visualisation and science communication
  • development of web apps and websites
  • leading workshops and facilitating discussions
  • coordinating projects and coalitions, including decentralised research/citizen’s science

Projects that we need funding for

We want to work on projects that we care about and believe can make an impact. For those projects, we look for funding from foundations, NGOs, universities, and (local) governments. Can you support us or have advice? Please get in touch or make a donation.

  • From passive to positive! Multilingual interactive information and exchange programme to increase social and political engagement with the energy transition and climate justice among migrants and people with a migration background in Leiden.
  • The Fossil Game: Do you have what it takes to run a fossil multinational? You are confronted with environmental disasters, protests, and negative publicity. Is it possible to do good and keep your shareholders happy? How can you best make use of lobbying, PR and advertising to ensure a high profit and a positive image? Builds further on

Future project ideas

  • Increase awareness around the urgency of the biodiversity crisis and what is necessary to halt biodiversity loss – research around/visualisation of subsidies for intensive agriculture in NL/Europe
  • Research & communication around climate crisis & migration
  • Research & communication around debt, money creation, financial risk & climate justice