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Guest lecture at UvA about fossil advertising

What is corporate social responsibility and what is greenwashing?

On Friday 3 March we were invited to present our research and talk about fossil fuel advertising with Masters students Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, as part of the course ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Communication’. When is advertising CSR honest and when is it not? We looked at recent cases of the Dutch Stichting Reclame Code and the UK Advertising Standards Authority.

Aaron: “It was a pleasure to talk to students about this topic. What counts as CSR and how can we define and identify greenwashing? What would be the consequences of banning fossil advertising? My first academic talk to non-engineers (I think) was really interesting to prepare for and deliver, and we had some good discussions.”

Thanks to Christel van Eck (Assistant Professor Climate Change Communication) for the invitation and to the students for the stimulating discussion.

Aaron explains how Shell’s climate scenarios rely heavily on afforestation and carbon capture and storage.
The students had an interesting discussion about what the consequences would be of banning fossil fuel ads.